Polityka zwrotu kosztów

You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days and return the goods within 21 days for a full refund provided the items returns are in the condition they were received in, i.e. not damaged, clean, and in perfect condition. 

We understand you might want to exchange your order and we will happily accept this within 21 days. At Susty Wear we have a ‘reduced-waste policy’ which means we print all our items to order to avoid any unnecessary waste. We would like to encourage you to check our sizing/measurements guides to make sure you get the right size the first time around. This will help in the fight against unnecessary waste. Returning your items increases the chances of it ending up in the landfill and replacing it means additional mileage and carbon footprint, something we’re keen to avoid if we can.

PLEASE EMAIL US at info@sustywear.com IF YOU NEED TO MAKE AN EXCHANGE/RETURN including your your order number 

Keep in mind the following when you want to return or exchange an item:

  1. Please include your order number
  2. All items must be in the condition they were received in (clean, not damaged, never worn, and never washed).
  3. Please make sure you include the invoice/packing slip with your items and their tag in a packaging of your choice.
  4. All our shipping is done through a third party which means you will have to cover all shipping costs.
  5. Our shipping partner will deal with the returns upon receiving them under the COVID-19 regulations, this can take up to 7 working days.
  6. When you have mailed the item back kindly email a copy of the receipt and tracking number to info@sustywear.com
  7. You will receive store credit to place a new order for the correct size once we are notified of the receipt.
  8. We can only make refunds onto the original payment method used.
  9. If you have used a combination of gift card and card to make your purchase, the gift card will receive the refund first.