Let's make Black Friday GREEN !

Let's make Black Friday GREEN !

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Fed up with Black Friday? Join us and MAKE IT GREEN!

We all know about Black Friday, but what about ‘Green Friday?’ Shop sustainable or don't shop : )

Green Friday encourages us to make eco conscious purchases and support small local businesses, because, unfortunately over 80% of sales end up in landfill within a short period of time. Black Friday results in impulse  and overconsumption, leads to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, and is harmful for our health and planet. 

  • What is Green Friday? 

Is a counter movement to Black Friday, established in 2015, and encourages people to shop sustainably, as opposed to fast fashion or unethical purchases. Green Friday also encourages people to spend time with family in nature! 

  • How can I become an eco conscious consumer on Black Friday? 

The temptation to buy something just because ‘it’s a good deal’ is very real during Black Friday. To avoid the temptation of Black Friday, we recommend you make a list of the things you actually need, before you go shopping. This ensures that unnecessary purchases can be prevented. Alternatively, you could abstain from taking part in Black Friday altogether. Unsubscribing from fast fashion brand mailouts or staying off social media will help reduce the temptation. 

In order to become an eco conscious consumer, we would recommend shopping from small local businesses. Purchasing gifts locally is important, since it helps support your region. Equally, buying gifts for Christmas from local businesses can be eco-friendly, as you are not having to ship products from across the world. By shopping locally, you are therefore able to reduce your personal carbon footprint. 

  • Are there other ways to join the Green Friday movement? 

Aside from contributing to the movement through supporting eco businesses, you could also spend the day in nature! Go on a walk or even take some time to do some litter picking to help conserve your natural environment. 

  • Is Green Friday on a different day to Black Friday? 

This year, Green Friday will run currently with Black Friday from 25th of November 2022. So, be sure to check out all of the great eco-friendly deals  to become a Green Friday customer and to make truly sustainable choices. 

These are just a few things to know about it! Will you be taking part in the Green Friday movement

And don't forget, we always plant a native tree with reforest Ireland for each purchase made.


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