5 easy ways to start living a greener life

5 easy ways to start living a greener life

5 easy ways to start living a greener life. Susty Wear

You’re committed to living a green life, that’s why you’re on the Susty Wear website. You want to make a change with your lifestyle, fantastic! But you wonder, what else can I do? A very valid question which we’d love to help you with.

Clothing is an important part of living a green life, but there are many more (small & easy) things you can do to live a sustainable lifestyle. Susty Wear’s founder Patrycja knows all about it.

  1.   Introduce plant-based meals to your diet.

I’ve gone from 1 meal a week to fully vegan over a few months” – Patrycja, founder Susty Wear. Start small and strive for gradual improvement. Every little change makes a difference and gradually changing your lifestyle is more sustainable than going cold turkey.

Change the way you think about meat. Instead of meat being the centrepiece of your dinner, start making it the garnish and focus on vegetables and good fats (such as nuts and avocados) instead. Plant-based meals definitely don’t need to be boring, they can be colourful, super tasty, and filling.

There is lots of inspiration out there on the internet if you need it to start cooking plant-based meals. Susty Wear’s Patrycja for example also has an Instagram account, @veganinasuit, which you can follow for inspiration for plant-based meals and living a greener lifestyle!

  1. Eco-friendly plastic free alternatives to beauty products

Beauty and bathroom products are another easy swap to a greener lifestyle. No need to throw out everything at once but why not buy plastic free when products need replacing. For example, a bamboo toothbrush or plastic free deodorant.

You can get plastic free products like shampoo bars and body bars on almost every street corner these days. They will save you using a lot of plastic not only because they are plastic free, but they also generally last 2-3 times longer than a regular shampoo bottle.

  1. Plastic free cleaning and household products

Another way in which you can live a greener lifestyle is by changing your cleaning and household products to plastic free. It has gotten a lot easier to change these products to plastic free with many sustainable product online shops offering all these products. Products that you can swap for plastic free products are plastic sandwich bags, aluminium, and sponges. Not only are plastic free products better for the planet, but they also last longer. An investment worth making.

  1. Make your own coffee

Yes, grabbing a quick take-away coffee on your way to work is easy but try it and you’ll be sold. Make your own coffee, for example using a mocha pod, and you’ll not only have a delicious home-mode coffee, it is also better for the environment and an added bonus is that lovely fresh coffee smell in your home.  

A great starting point is to reduce the number of take-away coffees you get and by bringing your own reusable coffee cups. Plastic take-away coffee cups can’t be recycled and are therefore a big part of the waste challenge.  Many coffee shops will also give you a discount if you bring your own reusable cup.

  1. Grow your own veg and herbs

It’s fun, delicious, and good for the planet. And no, you don’t need a big garden for this! Susty Wear’s Patrycja grows lettuce, radish, rocket, chives, parsley, beets, cress, spinach, and cucumbers all on her balcony in Dublin.

Think about all the plastic, toxic chemicals, and carbon emission from the transport you’ll save by growing your own veg and herbs.

Are you ready to live a green life? Start small and change gradually is our advice. And remember, let’s change the world one garment at a time.

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