Let’s turn Black Friday GREEN

Let’s turn Black Friday GREEN

Let’s turn Black Friday GREEN

On Friday it’s that time of year again, when shops put on sales like no other time of the year… Black Friday. We understand that buying items when they’re on sale is very tempting, but unfortunately Black Friday is not sustainable. As a small Irish business that promotes conscious living and encourages buying less and investing in a better quality, we don't take part in Black Friday as it is not in line with our values. Instead, as an extra value add, we're happy to plant 5 native trees for every item bought on Friday 26th.

We had an interesting discussion about Black Friday/Cyber Monday initiatives with Pat Kane - the Founder of reuzi. The interview is available on Susty Wear Instagram page (IGTV) if you'd like to watch it back.

Below we are sharing three tips on how to be more conscious during Black Friday.

1.Think about what you really need

The temptation to buy stuff “just because it’s a good deal” is very real during Black Friday. That’s why we’d say make a list of what you really need before you go shopping. This way you don’t buy items you don’t need, and which may end up in landfill.

2.Supporting eco-friendly and ethical brands

Shop sustainable by being conscious of which brands you’re buying from. Consider supporting eco-friendly and ethical brands this year to turn Black Friday green. Moreover, pay attention to the materials that are used. Durable, high-quality, and sustainable materials make all the difference.

3.Support local businesses

We can’t say it enough as we’re big fans of shopping local! Our country has suffered a huge economic shock due to Covid-19. ‘If every adult in Ireland spent just €20 extra a week in small businesses, this would equate to an injection of €875 million to the local economy over a 12-week period. That translates to sustainable employment but even more importantly vibrant and energetic communities and creative and cultural industries right across our island.’ *

If the Black Friday temptation is still too much, tick the unsubscribe boxes for all the Black Friday emails and stay away from social media for a bit. This way you reduce temptation big time.

* https://championgreen.ie/about/










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