How do you make a stylish minimalist wardrobe that's eco-friendly and ethical?

How do you make a stylish minimalist wardrobe that's eco-friendly and ethical?

Minimalist fashion is on the rise, and we can understand why. We are advocates of minimalist fashion and have put together three top tips on how to create a stylish minimalist wardrobe that’s eco-friendly and ethical.

  1.       Less is more

    When it comes to an eco-friendly wardrobe, less is more is the best way forward. There is no formula for creating a minimalist wardrobe as we all have different needs, a good way to start is to think about what your needs are. Once you have done this invest in some basic, simple, and timeless pieces which are high quality, durable, eco-friendly, and ethical.
  2.       Be aware of what is in your wardrobe

Key for a minimalist wardrobe is to be honest about what you really need! Extras are lovely but they are hard to combine, and you don’t wear them as often, so they end up at the back of your wardrobe. Be honest when you’re buying clothing whether you’ll really be wearing this item or it will be a one-off, in which case renting or borrowing it is a more sustainable solution.

  1.       Keep it simple

Besides the fact that a minimalist wardrobe is much better than a wardrobe filled with fast fashion, half of which you don’t wear, there is another benefit. It saves you time trying to figure out what to wear every day. Keep your wardrobe simple with a few shapes, silhouettes, and colors so you can mix and match your items. You’ll see you’ll end up with lots of outfits even with a minimalist wardrobe.

 Whenever you’re shopping for new clothing make sure to check the brand is eco-friendly and ethical. What is your must-have item for a minimalist wardrobe? We’d love to know!

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