DIY Halloween Outfits for this Autumn

DIY Halloween Outfits for this Autumn

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DIY Halloween Outfits for this Autumn 

Now that it’s October, we are fast approaching the ‘spooky season,’ and the Halloween holiday gives us the perfect opportunity to dress up for fun! Unfortunately, Halloween can have a detrimental impact on the planet, as over seven million costumes are thrown away each year and only a tiny proportion is recycled. Here are some reasons why we believe you should consider making your own easy Halloween costume this year or buy from eco businesses: 

Shop your wardrobe: 

The best way to have an eco-friendly costume for the 31st of October or Halloween-themed parties is to first look in your wardrobe to see what you already own. This is effective ‘shopping’ your closet, as you may find lots of pieces of clothing at the back of your wardrobe that you had forgotten you own or had rarely worn.

These pieces may help form a great Halloween outfit! ‘Shopping’ your wardrobe is the best way to be eco-conscious, as it allows you to minimise environmental impact and save money! It also allows you to get lots of use out of your clothes, as it is important to try and get at least thirty wears out of each clothing purchase, to be sustainable and cost-effective. 

Swap clothes with friends or family: 

Doing a ‘clothes swap’ is a great way to share clothes with your friends and family! It is as simple as giving them something of yours and receiving their clothing to borrow for a little while. A clothes swap is very convenient when you don’t want to buy something to keep for the long term, such as a Halloween costume, but need to borrow for a couple of days or a week.

A clothes swap is, therefore, both sustainable and saves money! It is also a win-win for both parties, as each person gives something away that the other wants! 

Make green purchases: 

If you have raided your wardrobe with little success and you cannot do a clothes swap, the best thing to do is make a sustainable purchase from an eco-conscious business.

There are plenty of slow fashion brands to choose from for holiday-themed costumes, which give you the certainty that your purchase is contributing to the conservation of the planet and that you are investing in good quality pieces. However, recycling your Halloween costume each year is unappealing, due to the ‘wear once culture’ that comes with these holidays, but you can make a green purchase by renting clothes.

Renting clothes is very sustainable as it allows you to purchase an outfit for a few days or weeks before returning it to the company to be reused and re-gifted to someone else. Rental services are great for the planet and holidays, such as Halloween when you rarely want to keep the costume to re-wear the following year. 

These are just a few ways to make a tremendous sustainable Halloween outfit!

You can read more and get some ideas here 

What else would you like to learn about sustainable fashion? Let us know!

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